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Lack of Bid Choice.


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Im not sure how bids are generated, im presuming it repeats daily, but is there a way to find more bids for the planes i have? there are 40-odd bids for planes i do not have and a handful remaining for the limited ones i do. If they change daily this isnt an issue but id love to know.


Additionally, are there ways to request use of specific planes of jobs like the fokker 50 which i have and is used frequently in exposed areas as allows me to have range i lack from the planes i currently own.


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Bids are generated daily based on the current schedule. At this time we don't have the Fokker painted, that is why you don't see it in the schedule. You are free to substitute a similar aircraft with the Fokker.

We also offer Tours. That's is mainly where most of our flights come from. You can also fly some Cargo Ops. Those bids get refreshed often and changed when someone bids on a Cargo Op.

More scheduled flights will be coming shortly


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And do not forget that AKA has GENEROUS policy of free flights!!!!  Just use AKA2007 as flight number and pick cities as well as any plane from official AKA fleet.




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