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Alaska Adventures has been awarded the mail delivery contract for essential services to outlying airstrips. This copies real world mail delivery by local bush operators like Copper Valley Air Service and others. The federal government issues contracts only to pilots who maintain regularly scheduled flight schedules.

Mail Flight #3 was made for MSFS2020 users. There are links to airport downloads to add the missing airports. (Tour Downloads) If you have already started the tour, you can continue Mail Flight #2.  If you haven't started Mail Flight #2 feel free to start #3. Mail Flight #3 is replacing Mail Flight #2 with the added MSFS2020 airports.


Start Date: October 15, 2020

End Date: TBA

Legs: 11

Aircraft: C172, C185, C206, C207, CC19, DHC2, J3, L19, M7, PA18, SAVG

Restrictions: Once you have selected an aircraft, you will be unable to change it.

Notes: Don't forget to download the the files for this tour. Maps, flight plan, DOCs, etc. You can get it here.

This tour also requires you to download some scenery. Mainly to add some missing airports for MSFS2020. The scenery requirement is for MSFS2020 only, You can find them here.

Tour Sign Up


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