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My Very First Captain Sim C-130 Flight 2 Years ago With AKA

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Shalom and greetings all my pals,

On December 2018, I was browsing Vatsim forums and a screenshot post by @flyalaskaEddie showing his GA plane with amazing AKA livery caught my eyes so I decided out of curiosity to check out and surf around his VA website to see what kind of planes the VA was using  until I noticed that they featured C-130 service via choice of  scheduled or unlimited free flight.  Since I had bought for lousy 9 bucks Captain Sim C-130 in 2015 but had NOT used C-130 since the purchase because I was afraid that installing and using Captain Sims C-130 might screwed up my FSX, I decided TWO years later after the purchase to try for first time installing Captain Sim C-130 and proceeded to join the AKA flight to get ready for my very first Captain Sim C-130. It turned out that I did not realize flying many C-130 flights for AKA was pure fun and enjoyable.

Presenting my very first maiden Captain Sim Lockheed C-130E flight from PAFA Fairbanks International Airport located three miles southwest of the central business district of Fairbanks, Alaska to CYDA Dawson City Airport located 8 nautical miles east of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.

CYDA Dawson City airport is TOTALLY impossible to land UNLESS all of you tell me that Microsoft built that airport in wrong way for FSX.

Airborne on climb to FL190 after my first Captain Sims C-130 take off from PAFA runway 02L for my first payware C-130 flight


Still climbing


Now cruising at FL190


Beautiful three color tone winter sky



Here is my new office!! (yeah four red lights in overhead panel is making me nervous)



On final runway approach to runway 03 for SECOND attempt to land on that airport which turns out to be totally impossible to land on EITHER side of runway!!


Yeah little dive is required to make successful landing on that extremely difficult airport



Seconds before touchdown




Braking down (good thing that C-130 has outstanding extremely short runway performance since I had landed in middle of runway)


Parked with marvelous view of winter sky


Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight.



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