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  1. Thanks Todd for putting this one up.. Had a blast and was good to get back up with ya.
  2. Todd you'll want to click on the following link then to get you into the AKA Discord Group. https://discord.com/invite/jHZv5HQ
  3. Looking forward to it Todd.By the way you get on discord yet. It's the new Teamspeak.
  4. Yes. It’s an older iPad for now running ForeFlight, I’m looking at moving to a mini as I get closer to my cross country solo. But do the bulk of the planning on it now.
  5. Yes it is MSFS2020. Have FSX sitting on a computer at the kids house so right now limited to 2020, part of me wants to reinstall it for the Old Iron but part of me doesn't want to deal with the headache of FSX and MSFS runing on the same computer to be able to have the various addons, Simconnect and FSUPIC never had any luch running them with multiple installs.
  6. So i don't know if I'm missing something but i can't get the C208 repaint to work properly. I downloaded the file and installed to my \MSFS\Community\ folder. In MSFS it allows me to select the livery and the picture on that screen looks right but as soon as your in the game or even in the Hanger it looks like the following. Any ideas?
  7. So started up the SE Alaska Tour in the Cessna 208 and figured start sharing some of the pictures with you guys. So this is leg 3 departing from Chenega and heading to Hope Airfield. So departing from Chenega looked almost the same as when i was able to land yesterday, Visibility was little lower but the cross wind looked about the same. Climbed up to 8,000ft and found a little sun and honestly wasn't expecting to see anymore but was surprised to find some poking thru the clouds on my decent into Hope. Hope you guys enjoy and will keep on posting as i continue thru.
  8. So i just moved into my new place over Xmas and I'm kind of curios what you guys have for your flight sim area. Im running a simple table for the time being as $$ right now is going to setting up kids rooms but im wanting something little cleaner and or user-friendly for flying. Rudder pedals try to move on me, have to block the chair in place so i don't pull myself forward and or backwards and then just wanting to use the computer well now tear it all down and move it... Im tempted to build a stand for the Yoke, Rudder and throttle to sit on that can just unplug from USB Hub and get pushed ou
  9. Thanks still learning how to move the "Drone" Camera around in MSFS. Has it's ups and downs.
  10. Well figured with the winter weather i needed to jump into a little bit bigger plane to handle some of this IMC weather (specifically Icing). So took a flight from PAJN to PAPG and all went pretty well.. Well except for the part trying to find my best cruise fuel flow, I may have cut the engine off by accident. So what did i learn for my first flight in the 208? 1) Don't take Fuel mixture past 1/2 way point 2) Why would you not want to fly in Alaska!!
  11. So i had the same issues with most paint schemes and even trying to download Bluebox on Chrome. My work around seemed to be right click and tell it to open in new window and download worked without an issue.
  12. Luckily it was just the 172 but yes after missing not being able to see 26 finally found the ground and that picture was a base for a very short final for 8. Didn’t care about the wind at that point had the ground and runway insight so called it good. Think the 172 will go in the hangar till some nice days as MSFS 2020 icing is a real thing and minor icing in a 172 isn’t minor.
  13. YES PLEASE!!! This sure wasn't the VFR Arrival with 3500ft ceiling and 10sm visibility that was reported via ATIS 10miles out..
  14. Hello guys.. Name is Kyle and been a Virtual Pilot for way to long it seems, well except for the last 6 years that is. This last year had some big changes in my life (all good) that has given me the opportunity to follow my dream and getting that Pilot's license which I'm working towards. So after getting the new MSFS i dabbled back into FS Economy, OnAir and Neofly but it was just missing some of the comradery/community that i use to get from flying. So i started to look around for something else. Low and behold as i was looking to try to figure out that VATSIM Id and logon i stumbled on
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