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  1. Not in many years have I flown JFK-LAS. As for Delta flying to JNU, it was going to be year around, but for some reasons it became seasonal in the summer. Love flying, fishing,and sailing up in the SE!
  2. Flew the 737 for Delta and took an early retirement 🙂
  3. Hey everyone! After a 5+ year break, I have some time now to get back flying on VATSIM. I started my virtual career back in 1998 on VATSIM (called SATCO then) and have since seen a lot of changes. I have done a lot of different flying on VATSIM and was very happy to find this organization! After reading about Bob Reeve and others, along with my time as a commercial pilot flying into ANC, FAI, and JNU, I am excited to try my hand at some virtual bush flying now. Hope to see some of you flying in SE! Todd aka “Pappy”
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