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  1. Hi Many thanks for your reply and also the three updates unfortunately only two of them work the Cessna 152 and the Savage Cub no joy with the King Air 350. I did try downloading the 350 from the AKA web site again but the aircraft there do not seem have been corrected, so I guess other members will have the same problem following the email that was sent out to all. The 350 looks good from the picture in the download page. If you have any further suggestions as to where I could get the the repaints from I would be please to hear. Thank you John AKA1542
  2. I downloaded the repaints for the default aircraft in MSFS 2020 placed the expanded files in the community folder. When I select a aircraft to fly and then select the AKA repaint from textures all I get is a white aircraft with no textures on it at all In the case of the Cessna 152 the propeller is replace by a white disc. In the texture selection the small aircraft all show painted in AKA colours. Any help would be appreciated Thanks John AKA1542
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