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  1. Thanks Eddie, I recently downloaded a X-Cub with Tundra Tires for MSFS 2020 that would quite well for all the back country airports.
  2. I have a question and a request, since MSFS 2020 only has a C172 and none of the other aircraft are available to use, I was wondering if I can swap out and use the Cub Crafters X Cub for this these tours as well? Thanks, Art Gurdo Jr. AKA1317
  3. Not sure how many know there is a Freeware site for Alaskan Airport Scenery, it has some decent scenery and different aircraft repaints, I found it by accident while searching the MSFS 2020 website, While you do have to register to download the different Scenery and repaints, the site is totally free, I hope this sort of helps add some scenery to your sim and Eddie if this is not allowed you can remove it. Microsoft Flight Simulator Mods, Liveries & Add-Ons | Flightsim.to Art Gurdo AKA1317
  4. Matt, Just seen this, one place I have been able to find Alaska Airports is Microsoft Flight Simulator Mods, Liveries & Add-Ons | Flightsim.to, they had a decent one for Lake Hood Strip. Hope this helps And Welcome to Alaska AdVentures
  5. Eddie, Is there a way to change Hubs? if so I would like to be able to move to the Fairbanks Hub. Thanks, Art Gurdo, AKA 1317
  6. Has anyone run into the problem of running the 172SP in X-Plane? The Version I have is 11.50r3, even before the upgrade to the latest version it would CTD, something about the sound file is not compatible, has anyone downloaded the X-Plane version of the 172 and got it to work. Thanks, Art Gurdo - AKA1317
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