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  1. Welcome to AKA!!!!!! Have fun with AKA routes! Regards, Aharon
  2. @Todd Ruth, That is amazing!!! Did not know that Delta had service to PAJN!!! Did you fly Delta 737 from NY or NJ to las vegas? If so, I might be one of your passengers on that flight!! Regards, Aharon P.S I do not know why my sentences are in shade????
  3. in real life?? What airline?? And welcome to AKA Regards, Aharon
  4. @Brian Smith, Geee geeeee geeeee I am screenshot artist, not repainter artist. My talents lie with creating beautiful screenshots and I have ZERO talents in repainting as I was born in wrong century where Photoshop and Gimp did not exist. If I have repainting talents, you would have seen @flyalaskabeing too busy adding to his AKA download center my repaints featuring AKA liveries with busty ladies on the plane tails!!! And all of you would need lobster or baby bibs to cover your drollings. Regards, Aharon
  5. But AKA made one PANN scenery with AKA hangars. I saw screenshots.
  6. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Before any of you start screaming that any new repaints for FSX planes would be waste of time, one thing you fail to realize is that repaints in FSX planes can work in P3D therefore is not waste of time since anybody can use FSX repaints for P3D So here is FSX repaint wish list as seen below: New AKA cargo livery for KBT Electra l-188 New AKA cargo and passenger liveries for FSX default Canessa C208 New AKA cargo and passenger liveries for VirtualCol Saab 340 New AKA cargo and passenger liveries for Dreamwings Q400 New AKA ca
  7. That is pretty very impressive!!!!!!! And pure fun career. Any interesting rescue action abroad C-130???? You can recreate your real life experience flights via whatever your flight sim is such as FSX or XP11 or P3D or MS2020 The only thing change is the new software Pilot Client V2 that replaces Sqwarkbox 4.0 or FSINN. Pilot Client V2 is much smoother and much bug FREE for Vatsim flying!! And welcome to AKA And of course I agree with you on need for Vatsim events! Regards, Aharon
  8. @flyalaska, No need to thank me. We should be thanking you for resuming free flight service for CYZF Yellowknife to restore AKA back to 90 percent of old glory years. Only resuming free flights of C-130s will be completely restoring AKA back to 100 percent of old glory years of AKA Regards, Aharon
  9. Shalom and greetings all my pals, On December 2018, I was browsing Vatsim forums and a screenshot post by @flyalaskaEddie showing his GA plane with amazing AKA livery caught my eyes so I decided out of curiosity to check out and surf around his VA website to see what kind of planes the VA was using until I noticed that they featured C-130 service via choice of scheduled or unlimited free flight. Since I had bought for lousy 9 bucks Captain Sim C-130 in 2015 but had NOT used C-130 since the purchase because I was afraid that installing and using Captain Sims C-130 might screwed up my FS
  10. BINGO BINGO BINGO BINGO BINGO My theory is CORRECT!!! Now it is working!! You are lucky to have me as AKA pilot who used to be director of computer department for 24 years HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH How about rewarding me by allowing free flights for C-130s?? HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Regards, Aharon
  11. @flyalaska, Thanks It is not worth the trouble for you to try to fix. I think I know the main cause of this problem. I think the AKA forums set time limit for anyone to be allowed to edit their posts to correct their errors. After the time limit expires such as for example 5 hour limit to have edit function after creation of a post meaning that after 5 hours, a post will lose edit option. It is common for other forums of other websites. I have discovered right here on the AKAK forums that I could edit any new posts but not any post made 24 hours ago or older. For your own
  12. Agreed!! Thanks for viewing my screenshots, @BushPilot209 Regards, Aharon
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