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  1. Just completed TWIN PROP TOUR
  2. Just completed BEAVER TOUR. James
  3. Thanks for that Eddie. I have sent the files for both wheels and ski to you by "We Transfer". Just in case. James
  4. How do I get it to you please. Apparently the original came as a default aircraft with P3D Not brilliant at these things James
  5. FOUND IT. Alaska Adventures VA repaint of the default Maule 206C Orion (both wheel and ski versions). Repaint by Bernie Stockwell (AKA1335). Do you want me to send you the file ? James
  6. Very responsive little aircraft and on the joystick, stays where you put it.
  7. Actually Eddie, I have the full aircraft with the Alaska Paint as you will have seen in my Facebook post. I can't remember how I got the Maule so I do not have a link, only the aircraft in my FSX ans P3D folders. Is that any good to you ? I was asking if there were any Tours or Schedules that included the Maule as when I got PANC I flew around the airport and surrounding are just to see what it all looked like and with the Maule I was able to fly low and slow and I just fell in love with this little aircraft. I didn't realise that I had it until I searched through my SimObjects-Airplanes
  8. https://imgur.com/AfuEKoC
  9. Hi, The Tundra version freeware is up now too. https://www.fs2000.org/2020/09/04/fsx-p3d-v3v4v5-dhc-2-beaver-bigwheels/
  10. Just downloaded and installed AEROSOFT - ANCHORAGE PROFESSIONAL P3D and had a flight around the area in Alaska Adventures Maule M7. Now I would like to know if we have any tours available where I can officially use this amazing little aircraft.
  11. Hey thanks guys. An enjoyable and challenging month.
  12. Just completed AERO COMMANDER TOUR P3. That was interesting and a couple of the legs quite challenging. Luv it and thanks. James Allan Christy AKA1710.
  13. Oops, sorry James Allan Christy AKA1710.
  14. Hey Aharon, just downloaded this baby FSX and P3Dv4.5. Nice little aircraft and works fine. Thanks. James
  15. Thanks for the lead Aharon, just downloaded it for FSX and P3Dv4.5 and it works fine, nice little aircraft.

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