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  1. Hi the company, The cessna tour is over this afternoon. Thanks Eddie for putting together this southern Alaskan journey. And always beautiful scenery to discover even and again with FSX. My next one will be de Havilland Canada Tour. Let's go
  2. Some pictures from Valdez to Cordova
  3. Don't get me wrong, me it's the little light spot just below
  4. Bravo James congratulations I was very happy to participate in this competition. Thanks to Fly AKA and è Eddie for organizing. Remain now to finish my Cessna Tour before "starting" the De Havilland Canada " Thanks a lot Kindly
  5. It is included in the ORBX free scene pack. It is also embellished with other equally free scenes from RTMM's neighbors. In particular the "Snow dog tour" scenes. If you don't know, take a look at their site, is it amazing?
  6. Grests shots Aharon. It looks like a hot air balloon at rest. perhaps....
  7. 😀😀 Exactly the opposite of me. I tried so hard to optimize my Fs that I remain faithful to it until the end.
  8. Salutations à tous

    Vincent, 56 Years old, from Roanne in France. close to Lyon. In love Alaska , PNW without forgetting Canada.

    Still on FSX and in no rush to switch to FS 2020  🤪

    Enjoy the flights and long life to ALASKA ADVENTURES

  9. Especially in Alaska Cessna Tour Leg 3 Kodiak island AKK Akhiok to PAPH Port Heiden
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