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  1. I have it at the way it is now to keep clutter down. You can make your own, copy and paste on photoshop or paint.. Than upload to imgr or whatever you prefer. I assume you want too add some awards. I can do it for you if you want. Just message me which ones you want.
  2. flyalaska

    Corrupt files

    Which files? I can try on my end.
  3. He did shut down his servers. That's what the error means. Know body else is reporting issues. That is weird. Nothing I can do, since there is no support on his end. The new smartCARS is rumored to have stop-overs. No info on release date yet.
  4. Bluebox is pretty much dead. The author has closed up. That is is probably why you are getting that error. There is no support from him. I suggest you use smartCARS. Only drawback is that smartCARS doesn't support stop-overs.
  5. Glad you found the fix.
  6. You are missing MSVCR100.dll from your windows. I can give you a copy of mine. As long we both have the same windows. I am running Windows 10 Home on a X64 based processor.
  7. I cant see the image. Doest get any bigger than the thumbnail. What sim are you using? Do you have FSUIPC installed?
  8. Nice review Aharon. We do have a paint for this plane.
  9. I need your full name or Pilot ID.
  10. What folder are you putting it in?
  11. Bids are generated daily based on the current schedule. At this time we don't have the Fokker painted, that is why you don't see it in the schedule. You are free to substitute a similar aircraft with the Fokker. We also offer Tours. That's is mainly where most of our flights come from. You can also fly some Cargo Ops. Those bids get refreshed often and changed when someone bids on a Cargo Op. More scheduled flights will be coming shortly
  12. Welcome to Alaska Adventures Blake.
  13. Congrats on completing the tour. Your award has been issued.
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