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  2. Congrats on completing the tour. Your award has been issued.
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  4. Aero Commander Tour Part 2 completed 10/20/21
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  6. Congrats on completing the tour. Your award has been issued.
  7. I did finish Radial Tour last week. Just forgot to ask for award. :)
  8. Congrats on completing the tour. Your award has been issued.
  9. Completed 2021 Winter Tour
  10. Award has been issued. Congrats on completing the tour.
  11. I just completed the Aero Commander Tour Part One Tourcenter - Alaska Adventures (flyaka.com) Thanks
  12. I dont use MSFS, not much of help. Try posting on our Discord chanel.
  13. I did try that before posting here. Are we sure it works with the new update? Thanks
  14. ok I resolved this issue by myself... phil
  15. Hi Eddie Really sorry for the delay... Not errors just a message saying not to find FSUIPC 7 with acars software.
  16. Try deleting the 208 livery and re inserting it again.
  17. The livery no longer seems to work with the new update for MSFS2020.
  18. The link I sent you is just a contact form. What random numbers are you referring too? Just send to my email directly eddie @ flyaka .com without the spaces.
  19. Its been sent but when I send it the page is filled with warning messages and random letters and numbers. Thanks! Jason AKA516
  20. Sen your request here, and I will email you back when the password is reset. In the email please include: Your Full Name Your Pilot ID Your desired password
  21. Hi, could you change my password for my AKA516 account? I've tried to send you requests but its not getting through for some reason. If you need to make up a password for me that's fine. I don't mean to be a pain about all of this but I can't get into ACARS with either account so I can't fly until I can get into ACARS. Thanks a lot! Jason Trevathan
  22. Maybe someone answered this question but i didn't find it, sorry, sorry... I tried to connect MSFS with bluebox, smartacars and even ccftrackers with no results... I've already installed FSUIPC 7 Someone could help me please? Thanks a lot! Phil aka555
  23. Welcome Aussie and enjoy Alaskan flying!!!! Glad to see Aussies enjoying Alaska scenry! Regards, Aharon
  24. Which flight sim?? Which software for C-130?? And which C-130 variant? C-130A has less fuel load than C-130J (AKA uses C-130A and C-130J) Regards, Aharon
  25. AKA206

    C130 fuel capacity

    Is there anyway to increase the fuel capacity for the C130. Capacity now is 33 thousand pounds. Cant take long trips on that. Thanks Dave AKA206
  26. G"day Chris Nice to hear from you keep well.
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