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  2. Congrats on completing the tour. Your award has been issued.
  3. Redownload it and re install. Maybe something didn't download.
  4. Last week
  5. Hi, Just finished the mail flight #1 tour. Big thanks to whoever went through the work of putting it together. It was a whole lot of fun. Rodney Crutchfield AKA2213
  6. Congrats on completing the tours. Your awards have been issued.
  7. Recently I finished the Monashee Mountains Tour, and today I finished the Southern Alaska Tour. I am looking forward to receive my corresponding Awards. Thanks and Kindest Reagrds, Ruberto - AKA 957
  8. What folder are you putting it in?
  9. Earlier
  10. When I load in with the livery its all white with no color or anything. Any help would be appreciatd.
  11. flyalaska

    Tour 129

    Congrats on completing the tour. Your award has been issued.
  12. AKA1288

    Tour 129

    Tour 129 complete. Jim Smith AKA1288
  13. You can email the issue to eddie@flyaka.com. I am recovering from surgery. The response time will be a little slow.
  14. It's been a week since I posted about a manual flight report issue, no reply. That was not a short flight. What's going on?
  15. How do you go about transferring to a different hub?
  16. Completed the Twin Prop Tour Thank You JimMagin AKA540
  18. Looks good. For perfection you just need AKA C208 N968AK livery. :)
  19. Here are a couple shots from my first MS2020 flight with FA
  20. I just flew a cargo haul. AKC3883 the system won't let me file a manual PIREP for some reason. I'm getting an error that it's not a valid route????
  21. I used the new edge browser and they worked. It's a Chrome issue..
  22. Try a different browser, see if its a chrome issue.
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