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  2. Welcome to AKA!!!!!! Have fun with AKA routes! Regards, Aharon
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow Americans and a hearty HI to everyone else! Just joined yesterday and looking forward to getting back to some bush flying. I used to fly YEARS ago and was a member of various VA's. Anyone remember Trade Wind Airlines? I used to fly for their Alaska hub and remember doing the Iditarod flights back then. Got out of simming for years and then...I saw the trailer for MSFS 2020. It wasn't out yet so I got XP 11 and loved it, especially the helicopters (hurry up Asobo!). Back with MS now and loving it! Can't wait for more aircraft to become available. Welp,
  4. Congrats on completing the tour. Your award has been issued.
  5. Just completed this tour also
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  7. Welcome at PAJN hub Todd, finally we do have real pilot in the hub. :) Peace, cheers and always three greens...
  8. Not in many years have I flown JFK-LAS. As for Delta flying to JNU, it was going to be year around, but for some reasons it became seasonal in the summer. Love flying, fishing,and sailing up in the SE!
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  10. @Todd Ruth, That is amazing!!! Did not know that Delta had service to PAJN!!! Did you fly Delta 737 from NY or NJ to las vegas? If so, I might be one of your passengers on that flight!! Regards, Aharon P.S I do not know why my sentences are in shade????
  11. Flew the 737 for Delta and took an early retirement 🙂
  12. in real life?? What airline?? And welcome to AKA Regards, Aharon
  13. Hey everyone! After a 5+ year break, I have some time now to get back flying on VATSIM. I started my virtual career back in 1998 on VATSIM (called SATCO then) and have since seen a lot of changes. I have done a lot of different flying on VATSIM and was very happy to find this organization! After reading about Bob Reeve and others, along with my time as a commercial pilot flying into ANC, FAI, and JNU, I am excited to try my hand at some virtual bush flying now. Hope to see some of you flying in SE! Todd aka “Pappy”
  14. flyalaska

    Tour 127

    Congrats on completing the tour. Your award has been issued.
  15. AKA1288

    Tour 127

    Tour 127 Twin Prop Tour complete. Jim Smith AKA1288
  16. Thanks Eddie, I appreciate your help! -Dave
  17. flyalaska

    JoinFS Update

    There is an update for JoinFS. Click on the link below or click on the desktop icon to download.
  18. Congrats on completing the tour. Your award has been issued.
  19. Hello, I just wanted to notify the staff that I have completed the Exploring Anchorage tour. Thanks, -Dave
  20. https://flightsim.to/file/2606/tok-junction-airport-alaska Another Alaska Scenery for ya
  21. I sure hope so. Way too many left out.
  22. When Brian, Nathan, Reiner, and myself were born. There was no Photoshop either.
  23. You’ll never learn something by saying you can’t dO it
  24. @Brian Smith, Geee geeeee geeeee I am screenshot artist, not repainter artist. My talents lie with creating beautiful screenshots and I have ZERO talents in repainting as I was born in wrong century where Photoshop and Gimp did not exist. If I have repainting talents, you would have seen @flyalaskabeing too busy adding to his AKA download center my repaints featuring AKA liveries with busty ladies on the plane tails!!! And all of you would need lobster or baby bibs to cover your drollings. Regards, Aharon
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