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  2. G"day Chris Nice to hear from you keep well.
  3. G'day From western Australian Australia I am a retired Aviation Museum Curator I have been using Microsoft Flight sim since Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0 1990 I love stick and rudder and steam gauges and don't like them new fangled computerized planes. If its old grumpy and a bit rusty then that's just like me!
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  5. i found out myself that the king air is useless currently and i don't use it. but watch your words, buddy.
  6. As of now, all forum logins must be made with the email you signed up on the forums with.
  7. What files were in the download? Could be missing some. Did you download with google browser?
  8. King 350i so I think that you mean default msfs beechcraft "KingAir" this thing do not have anything together with real King Air. So how do you want to calculate avgas, and weight. THis is just stupid flying MSFS king air.
  9. Hi there, I just finished the Vancouver Island Tour. Thanks!
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  11. Hi there, Having tried to install these liveries (and definitely putting them in the MSFS2020 Community folder), both aircraft are coming out all-white with no textures. Any advice?
  12. Hi there, Great to be here. Used to fly in FSX several years ago and getting back into it with FS2020. I like bush flying and thought Alaska looked like a good place to get some organised bush flying. Hope you're all doing well. 🙂
  13. Congrats on completing the tour. Your award has been issued.
  14. You can chose something similar. doesn't have to be payware.
  15. Hello Roberto, nice to have you on board. Keep the blue side up Thomas
  16. Hello folks, glad to be on AKA roster, I wish you all great and safe flights and great times too. I'm from Trieste, Italy, a maxillofacial surgeon in real life, virtual flyier addicted since FS5.1. Still a Cargolux, Lufthansa, Alitalia and Air Asia member, at almost 62 I need some rest to fly low and slow in an enchanting environment as I did with fs9-calclassic propliners-misty moorings. I know quite well the PANC zone since I flew there some years ago with Fedex (PMDG) MD11s being it my hub place. Still with P3D5.2, I'm now using the PMDG DC6, with all the orbx stuff around. So, see you on Vatsim into the wild. Bye. Roberto.
  17. Hi there, I'd love to do the Radial Tour (https://www.flyaka.com/index.php/tourcenter/tourdetails/34) next, after I finish Vancouver. FS2020 doesn't have any of the planes though that are available from AKA for the Radial Tour and I'm not yet ready to spend 50 bucks on a DC6 payware. Would it be okay if I took the King 350i for this?
  18. Hello there, I just finished the Long Haul Tour: https://www.flyaka.com/index.php/tourcenter/tourdetails/13
  19. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting exciting regular scheduled Reeve airline service from PADL Dillingham Airport located two nautical miles west of the central business district of Dillingham in Alaska to PANC Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport located 5 miles southwest of downtown Anchorage. Very excited passengers boarding Reeve Airline DC-4 featuring well polished/buffed masterpiece livery work painted and polished exclusively by repainter named Hartmut Hekmann who is the official repainter for Virtual Aircraft Restoration Facebook group owned and operated by Hartmut Hekmann and Tobias Krause. Time for preflight inspection!! Check out super shiny and well polished engines!! Checking right wing to be sure there is no ice or snow build up CHECK OUT reflection of clouds on metallic shiny wing! Checking left wing for same reason WHOA I can see cloud reflection on the wing! Checking right engines Checking left engines Dont you love shine? Checking wheels you will need lobster bib to catch your drooling from seeing shine on engines! Checking wheels Checking to be sure flaps are set properly Checking propeller blades to be sure there are no ice WHOA WHOA look at cloud reflection on propeller blades Checking right propeller blades for same reason WHOA WHOA I can see reflection of mountains on engine cover Checking front wheel Checking tail Cannot help admiring metallic shine Got to activate all de-ice buttons!! I do NOT know what the pump button for alcohol is for!! Starting left engines resulting into mind blowing exciting and massive engine start smoke Starting right engines producing massive engine start smoke that is blown forward by powerful winter winds Engines are ready for action!!! But wait I need to spool up engines for few seconds to be sure they are ready for action in bitter freezing winter weather Starting to taxi to short of runway 1 to start exciting flight! Making sure the route waypoints are ready to avoid high mountains due to the fact there is no weather radar and no terrain warning computer meaning I must avoid mountains covered by clouds. Here are waypoints: KOWOK PIPPR NUTUW WALUS AMOTT WEWWO ICICL BOB that will enable my plane to avoid running into mountains as seen on this map showing my specific flight path Entering into runway 1 for more taxi and backtrack After backtracking now starting exciting take off run producing thrilling combo of massive snow splattering and engine smoke Airborne on climb to 5,000 ft At 3,000 ft still climbing to 5,000 ft Now starting to cruise at 5,000 ft Passing Wood River that is rich in salmon fishes Passing Iliamna Lake that is the largest lake in Alaska and third largest lake in America There is offer of 100,000 buck reward by local Alaska newspaper for capture of Pacific Sleeper shark secretly lurking in the waters of that lake Cruising across the same lake where you can see that due to so extremely sub zero freezing winter, the engines are producing condensation contrails Checking all gauges to be sure everything sounds very kosher Entering Cook Inlet to continue cruising where you can see that the plane is on safe side away from 10,000 ft high Chigmit mountain range that the plane is supposed to avoid Still cruising above waters of Cook Inlet with background view of same high mountains See how safe side the plane is cruising at 5,000 ft away from mountains Whoa whoa whoa winter is soooo freezing that the engines are producing condensation contrails Sunset!! Checking gauges again to be sure that everything is working well in freezing weather On final runway approach to runway 06R (it is 06R in era 1960s/1970s) where you can see exciting engine smokes due to constant engine power adjustments to make sure the runway approach is smooth Amazing cockpit view of night city lights of Anchorage look at ice on left side!! Seconds before touchdown Okay few more seconds TOUCHDOWN Snow splattering while the plane is braking down on icy runway More snow splatter (is it fun??) Exiting from runway toward gate with background view of Million Air building Taxiing to gate with background view of Alaska Airline maintenance hangar Got to look for official Reeve airline gate which is gate number A11 (oh yes I revved up the engines on purpose to produce massive engine smokes to excite airport spotting photographers) Arrived at gate A11 while the de-icing truck is rushing to deice wings of my plane to get ready for another flight Thank you for viewing!! Stay tuned for next exciting flight. Regards, Aharon
  20. Thanks Eddie, I recently downloaded a X-Cub with Tundra Tires for MSFS 2020 that would quite well for all the back country airports.
  21. What's not so good is that some of the airfields are located in some kind of sinkhole in the ground. I understand where that comes from, and I was able to land and start from these fields, but barely - especially with a heavy c172 and 400 pounds of mail in the trunk. And these kinks really kill some of the otherwise great immersion I'm getting from these tours. So there's lots of room for improvement in FS2020. Hopefully Alaska/Northern America/Canada get a world update soon.
  22. Your award has been added. Congrats on completing the tour.
  23. Hi there, just completed the Mail Flight #1 Tour. On the last leg I had this nice rainbow as a compensation for the lousy weather during most of the other legs.
  24. I am utterly surprised that all airfields of this tour are present in FS2020. I didn't expect that.
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